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Picture This by Mat Shaw, Savanna Shaw


This is the debut album for daddy-daughter duo Mat and Savanna Shaw. In the spring of 2020, Mat and Savanna began posting singing videos on YouTube in hopes to shine some light during the darkness of a pandemic. They quickly became beloved worldwide for their inspirational messages, polished vocals, and tender relationship with one another. This album is the next step in Mat and Savanna's efforts to share hope and spread joy with their music. It contains thirteen songs that range from earnest prayers to upbeat toe-tappers, including their first original song, "Picture This."

Track List

  1. Fly Me to the Moon/Come Fly with Me
  2. I Hope You Dance
  3. Picture This
  4. You Raise Me Up
  5. What the World Needs Now Is Love
  6. Try
  7. Only Hope
  8. Remember Me
  9. Let It Be
  10. Gone, Gone, Gone
  11. Hallelujah (feat. Stephen Nelson)
  12. Tonight You Belong to Me
  13. The Prayer