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The Second Coming of the Lord by Gerald N. Lund


This new edition includes:

  • Hundreds of the most recent statements from prophets, seers, and revelators on the signs of the times and the Second Coming, not available in the original publication.
  • Extensive new commentary and scriptural insights gleaned from decades of the author’s gospel teaching and study.
  • An in-depth examination of prophecies that have already been fulfilled, including those that have occurred since the original publication.
  • An uplifting view on why we should look forward to the Lord’s return with anticipation rather than anxiety.
  • A discussion on how to prepare ourselves and our families for what will be the greatest event still to come in this world.

As we study and come to understand the words of ancient and modern prophets, we can learn how to “abide the day of his coming” (D&C 61:39). More than simply “surviving” or “enduring” the day of His coming and the events leading up to it, we will be able to look forward to the Savior’s return with peace, calm, rest, and safety.