Joseph Smith, the Man and the Seer, by Hyrum L. Andrus USED



Joseph Smith, the Man and the Seer, [used] by Hyrum L. Andrus (2005)

Joseph Smith: The Man and the Seer brings into sharp focus the founder, under God the Father and his son Jesus Christ, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Church stands or falls by the acceptance or rejection of the Prophet. The dispensation of the fullness of times gains credence or denial by the acceptance or rejection of the Prophet’s divine calling.

Dr. Andrus has deftly brought together material from friend to foe as well as from acquaintances of the Prophet. From each of these eyewitnesses comes a tribute to Joseph. The fact that all–friend, foe, acquaintance–responded to the Prophet’s greatness in a similar manner would indicate that he could not have hoodwinked them all. That Brigham Young’s dying words were Joseph Smith’s name indicates the eternal effect of the Seer on those who had linked their cause to his–to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

In Joseph Smith: The Man and the Seer, Dr. Andrus has collected incidents which emphasize the well-rounded character of the Prophet. You will see his quick wit and his keen sense of humor, a humor that seems to have helped sustain him when things were difficult. You will also see his dignity, which could command the respect of men who met him under all circumstances.

Even when he joked or took time to enjoy recreation, Joseph possessed a sense of decorum that impressed all who came in contact with him, from the least scholarly to the most highly trained people. Through this classic work, you come to know and love Joseph Smith, the Prophet of the Restoration.


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