In Search of Cumorah



In Search of Cumorah, by David A. Palmer (1981, 1992

In Search of Cumorah is one of the most significant books ever to be published on the Book of Mormon. It asserts that the location where the Nephites fought their final battle, the hill Cumorah, may actually be el Cerro Vig a, a site located near Mexico s Isthmus of Tehuantepec, just inland from the Gulf of Mexico. Using many of the archaeological discoveries made in Mexico during recent decades as its guide, the book presents extensive evidence to support its hypothesis. Not only is a significant case made for the identity of el Cerro Vig a, but numerous sites in Central America are also identified as important cities in Book of Mormon times. The Cumorah of New York state is identified as Moroni s Cumorah, where Moroni finally deposited the place which were later uncovered and translated by Joseph Smith. The author makes a clear and convincing case for the belief that this area is not the same hill as Mormon s Cumorah, where the last Nephite defense was staged. Here, at least, is a well-written book that makes a carefully documented, well-reasoned proposal for the exact location of Book of Mormon geography. The precise correlations shown between archaeological evidences and Book of Mormon history are certain to strengthen the faith and testimony of every Latter-day Saint seeking new light on this important subject.


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