In the Hands of the Lord—the Life of Dallin H. Oaks



In the Hands of the Lord—the Life of Dallin H. Oaks, by Richard E. Turley, Jr. (2021)

Dallin H. Oaks may not have seemed the likeliest choice to become an Apostle. His life path had been anything but conventional. He was only seven when his mother became a widow. His young adulthood saw him joining the National Guard and marrying at nineteen. But all along that path, the Lord was preparing him for the call that would eventually come.

This engaging biography by noted historian Richard E. Turley, Jr. takes the reader on a fascinating journey through the life of an extraordinary leader. It is filled with stories and photographs detailing his boyhood, his family life, his education and military experiences, and his distinguished academic and law career.

Most important, we witness his willingness to set aside that career in favor of a higher responsibility. In 1984, when President Gordon B. Hinckley extended the call to the apostleship, Dallin H. Oaks replied, “My life is in the hands of the Lord, and my career is in the hands of His servants.” His lifetime of dedication to the Lord’s work gives truth to his words and offers inspiration and faith to all who read his story.


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